At Outstaff we have experience of all contract types, and we often get asked why temporary staff are the way to go. There seem to be preconceptions that you only used workers on a temporary basis if you have failed to find a permanent member of staff, but this really is a myth. There are many reasons why using temps could be the perfect solution you hadn’t considered.

Reactive Business

In the current economy, it can be hard to predict what will happen; a business can wax and wane on a daily and weekly basis. Suddenly needing staff or finding yourself with too many staff are both scenarios you will want to avoid, and this is where temps can help. If there is a sudden increase in work, you can have the perfect team members onside quickly. Conversely, if the work dries up, you are not faced with redundancies.

Deal with Absence

Temps can also bring you the perfect solution to an absence. Whether this is a long term sickness issue or just a short term gap, having a temp takes the pressure off your other staff. It used to be that filling such a vacancy was considered too complicated for just a few weeks, but now with temporary staff, it can be filled as soon as needed and kept covered until the staff member can return.

Bring in a Specific Skill Set

Temporary staff can also make the perfect solution for times when you need a specific skill set. Some companies cannot afford or justify a full-time payroll department for example but could utilise a temporary staff member 4 or 5 times a year to monitor everything, set up new processes, and generally ensure compliance with payroll duties, leaving the system running when they are not there.

Getting a Perfect Fit

One of the nice things about a temporary contract is that you can see if the staff member is going to fit with your organisation before making any permanent arrangements. It gives both the company and the member of staff a chance to evaluate the role and see whether the fit is right for both of you. It avoids recruiting the wrong person and then having the legal nightmare of undoing this decision.

Keeping Overheads Low

When using temporary staff it is best to go through an agency, and we are specialists in recruitment which means that our staff undertake all the stages along the way. From advertisement to selection and screening, you do not need to spend any time on this as we have it covered. It means we guarantee that you will have a member of staff that fits the role and is suitably qualified and able to take up work. We also sort the payroll for temporary members of the team making sure that they are taxed correctly, etc., which can be another headache for you. If you would like to find out more about temporary staff and how Outstaff can help why not give us a call today.

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