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While business owners do their best to cover staffing issues in forward planning, there are so many variables it is inevitable that sometimes you find yourself short staff and feeling the heat. Whether someone has gone sick, or a specialist member is on holiday for two weeks when you really need them, it can get tricky. Sometimes staff leave when you least expect it, and sometimes there is just more work than you planned for. If the role you need filling comes with a specific skill set or qualification, need then finding the right person could be really time-consuming, right at a time when you need someone in a hurry. Our teams understand the Energy Recruitment industry and therefore are already one step ahead and looking to create a bank of staff who are just waiting for their next opportunity. Not only do they look for the specific skill sets needed they are also looking for people who bring the right mindset so that you get the best from day one. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic, dedicated and ready to take on a challenge.

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Businesses today can find themselves needing that extra bit of support from time to time. You might have suddenly got a big contract or project and find your team is spread too thin or you might be down a few people because some staff are sick with the flu. That’s just two examples there are many more reasons why businesses can find themselves needing some extra help and support.

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We help you control operating costs and establish a budget, freeing up capital that can be invested in your core business at a higher rate of return.

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Outsourcing lets you easily adjust the level of staffing for recruitment on an as-needed basis.

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Even when you have found a potential candidate, you will then need to press their paperwork and carry out the necessary screening to ensure you have covered yourself. Issues such as the right to work and evidence of qualifications can land an employer in hot water if they are not completed correctly, and of course, you also run the risk of not getting the team player you thought you had found. But, you do not have to worry about any of those issues when you use Outstaff. Screening and checking is part of our comprehensive recruitment process so we will have done all of that for you before the new staff member even sets foot in the door. You will have confirmation that all the checks have been carried out, driving licences, passports, specific qualifications, work history, criminal records checks; you name it we will have checked it. All you need to do is let us have details of the vacancy, whether you are looking for a fixed term, a short-term or permanent member of staff, how many hours you need them to work and any specific qualification you need in order to get the job done. Our team will get to work looking at the candidates we already have on file, and if needs be casting the net wider until we have found the perfect person to take on the job.

  • Qualification checks
  • Screening and vetting

  • Right to work checks

  • Work & personal references obtained

  • DBS/CRB checks

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Outstaff has great screening. I knew that any candidate that we saw would be a great skill set match.

Branch Manager, BMW

Outstaff is dedicated to identifying appropriate qualified individuals for our external audit and tax staffing needs. The recruiters are dedicated to providing a high degree of professionalism.

Production Manager, Youngs Seafood

Working with Outstaff has made my job considerably easier. Having a consultant who specializes in my industry and who understands our specific needs adds value to the services that they provide.

Area Manager, Furgo

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Just like your company has expertise in a particular field, Outstaff is a specialist nationwide recruitment agency that provides recruitment services. We have the expertise to find the right staff for your business better than you do – because it’s what we do.