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The Hospitality & Travel industry is all about keeping your customers happy; generally, they are enjoying their leisure time, maybe travelling for work, whatever reason they have, your role is to ensure they have the best experience possible. Now, if you happen to find yourself short of staff, this can be a near impossible task, and you can find your service at risk of slipping, which is not something you want. Recruitment agencies offer the perfect solution to Hospitality & Travel recruitment worries, and at Outstaff we really understand how crucial it is to have the right staff numbers. From housekeeping to waitressing, flight attendants to hotel front of house, every member of the hospitality and travel industry chain is vital to the overall running of the business.

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Businesses today can find themselves needing that extra bit of support from time to time. You might have suddenly got a big contract or project and find your team is spread too thin or you might be down a few people because some staff are sick with the flu. That’s just two examples there are many more reasons why businesses can find themselves needing some extra help and support.

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We help you control operating costs and establish a budget, freeing up capital that can be invested in your core business at a higher rate of return.

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Outsourcing lets you easily adjust the level of staffing for recruitment on an as-needed basis.

We make it our mission to find the right Hospitality & Travel staff


Sometimes you might need temporary staff to cover a specific event, Christmas is always a busy period, and we understand that skilled personnel who understand their role is a vital part of getting through without undue stress. We have staff from many backgrounds with experience in all areas of hospitality and travel waiting to step in and bring their skills to any role you might have. If you have something more permanent we can also help you find the perfect fit for that too, our candidates have a range of wants themselves; some are looking for temporary contracts while others are looking for their next long-term role. We can help in an emergency and also have people happy to step in with little to no notice and get the job done. No matter what role you are looking for we also guarantee that all the checking and screening will have been done so, you can relax in the knowledge that you have the best person for the job.

Outstaff Hospitality & Travel Recruitment Background Checks


In the screening and vetting process, we are checking everything that needs to be considered. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t quite tell the truth about their work history or legality to work, so we check all these things out to ensure we are happy. Our reputation is always on the line, so we want to make sure you have confidence in our service. We would never place anyone that did not meet our stringent criteria. We insist on seeing certificates and exploring evidence, which will include getting references from previous employees and where needed training associations and education establishments. We look for any convictions, we look at work history and make any industry-specific checks to ensure you will not have any problems when they start work. These are time-consuming tasks which is why our team are always looking for staff to keep on our books ready to work, and should we need to find someone specific; we know that we can get these checks done quickly as we have the in-house skills to do this. This is our area of expertise so you can relax in the knowledge that we are working for you, and will get you the team you need so you can continue being an expert in your field and not get bogged down in paperwork.

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Just like your company has expertise in a particular field, Outstaff is a specialist nationwide recruitment agency that provides recruitment services. We have the expertise to find the right staff for your business better than you do – because it’s what we do.