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Human Resources Recruitment is a lovely varied field to work in, and at Outstaff we love being able to help bridge the gap. Human Resources staff offer expertise vital to all industries but sometimes smaller companies cannot afford to have a specific department. It often makes more sense to buy in the service when you need it, for review contracts, dealing with an issue or many other reasons. Of course, some companies have a large human resources department and still find themselves short-staffed needing an extra team member or two. There is a lot of variety in this field which is why people say they love working in it.

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Businesses today can find themselves needing that extra bit of support from time to time. You might have suddenly got a big contract or project and find your team is spread too thin or you might be down a few people because some staff are sick with the flu. That’s just two examples there are many more reasons why businesses can find themselves needing some extra help and support.

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We help you control operating costs and establish a budget, freeing up capital that can be invested in your core business at a higher rate of return.

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Outsourcing lets you easily adjust the level of staffing for recruitment on an as-needed basis.

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It is also an area where specific qualifications and skills are needed. There is a lot of crossover with the legal world so Human Resources staff need to have undergone training to ensure they have a working understanding as issues can sometimes be complicated and potentially stressful. Our job is to make sure you have the skills you need to hand when you need them. With this in mind we source a range of staff, and between them, they have a myriad of skills. We can, therefore, find just the right balance between qualifications and experience to make sure you get your role filled. It is essential that you have someone who can get started without loads of extra training as this really defeats the object when you need human resource professionals. Our candidates undertake rigorous screening so that we can be totally confident in their abilities. We check a wide range of points that need to be confirmed before we are happy to put a candidate forward to our clients. This screening included things like work history and qualifications as well as police records checks and right to work. As any human resources professional will know only too well these are vital elements that need to be sorted before anyway is appointed.

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Therefore, The good thing about Outstaff’s Human Resources recruitment is that we can offer total flexibility. For those in the industry you might be looking for someone to join your team, and for those in a smaller business, it might just be someone to help with a maternity leave issue, or a short-term project checking contracts are all current. No matter whether you are looking for someone to help with a short project, someone to cover a few hours a week for a couple of months or even someone to come on board on a more permanent basis we can find you the perfect person for the job. We have candidates looking for short contracts as well as permanent positions and even those who really love to parachute in at short notice just to help you get over a small issue. With their human resources expertise, you can be sure that your business will be able to keep running smoothly and you will not be without key staff for very long at all.

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