HGV Driver Shortage in the UK

Currently, in the UK, there is a significant shortage of qualified HGV drivers, which can make working very difficult if you are in haulage, transport or rely on your drivers to keep your business moving, quite literally. At Outstaff we understand that good, reliable drivers are like gold dust and trying to recruit can cost you time you just do not have to spare which is where we can step in and help.

Why a Shortage?

There are actually lots of reasons contributing to the shortage. Younger drivers are not joining the industry due to issues with things like a work-life balance as being on the road often takes the driver away from home for days at a time. This means that the average age of an HGV licence holder prepared to work is now 53, meaning until we can remedy the issues and get younger drives qualified the problem will only continue to grow.

With issues like spiralling insurance premiums versus lower than average salaries, it is little wonder many people are put off, which clearly is not helpful if you are desperate to recruit new drivers. Border controls have been problematic in the past and why would anyone take up a role that leaves them away from home, stressed, financially short and miserable. However this still is not helpful if you are all set up with a decent remuneration package, with work available, so what is the solution?

Outstaff Can Help

Outstaff is a uniquely placed recruitment agency, working in many sectors with experienced industry staff responsible for their own areas. This means that our team working in transportation have experience and do understand the pitfalls of the job, but also know the benefits to drivers of finding a good position.

We do the hard work, the legwork and the dirty work so you can get on with what you do best and run your business. Our team are able to find the best HGV that will fit with your company needs and ethos and have them ready to work as soon as you need them. Once we have found a potential candidate, we run all the necessary checks including work history, right to work, criminal records and of course for driving jobs the correct licence and any endorsements held. This means that when we introduce them to you, they are ready to work. There is no need for you to give up any time at all hunting through application forms, sitting in interviews and following up with the time-consuming background checking.

On the Road Again

Whether you need your drivers to fill permanent or temporary roles, or where you have a crisis situation where you are let down at the last minute we have a range of HGV drivers looking for a variety of hours and contract terms means we can fill the position for you. There may be a shortage, but we are confident that we have the best of the best on our books and can get you back on the road in no time.

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