Keeping your staff motivated is a big part of being an effective leader. Some companies overlook this completely and feel that salary alone should be enough to make people turn up and do their job. This is short-sighted especially as motivation costs very little, but the rewards it can reap are vast. Here are some ideas for motivating your staff and keeping them feeling valued and content.

Have a Nice Workplace

Not much to ask really, it stands to reason that people will work better in a nice environment. This doesn’t mean it has to be opulent or over the top, just make sure that it is well maintained. Heating is a definite bonus in winter and fans make a lot of difference in summer. Spruce up the decor, have a pot plant or two, a nice place to make a drink and eat lunch. Small details but they make such a difference.

Encourage Growth

It is tempting to hold on tight to employees who show potential, but that is not the way to go about things. A better approach is to encourage growth and development.  A happy employee that feels valued it more likely to show loyalty anyway, but it goes without saying that people do move on in life from time to time. Don’t send them away because you killed their buzz, let them move on when their time is right after you nourished and grew them.

Be Approachable

Having worked in huge offices where you were just a number and equally sized businesses where the boss knew your name and greeted you each morning, the latter is infinitely more preferable. It doesn’t take that long to get to know your staff and the best policy when running into someone you don’ recognise it to ask them who they are – and remember for the future.

Recognise Positives

Whether it is an employee of the month scheme or just a case by case basis, be sure to acknowledge what your staff do. Yes, it might be their job and what you would expect, but it is still nice to hear it from time to time. You can have any incentive or benefits scheme you like as long as it is fair and open to all. People do like to hear when they are doing a good job, so tell them.

Open Communication

Have you ever asked your staff what they think about the company and what they would like to see improved? From suggestion boxes to time at meetings is it important to gauge your staff satisfaction and if needs be spend some money on putting things right. Is a coffee machine in the staff room really unreasonable? The small wins can lead to great things.

Give Yourself Time

In order to have the time to look after your staff why not consider outsourcing your recruitment and other aspects of staff management. Outstaff are ideally placed and have a wealth of experience too, so why not contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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