London Administration Recruitment Agencies

As the UK’s hub of commerce, London is home to thousands of companies, including many of the UK and Europe’s biggest and brightest finance, insurance and legal services firms. All of these sectors require enormous amounts of administrative support, from temporary front of house staff, to experienced PAs. Real estate and recruitment are obviously also big business in London, and all of these companies need administrators to handle their paperwork. In short, there are a lot of admin employment opportunities in London. To succeed in the average London admin role, you will need to be highly organised and a fast-worker. Thousands of graduates head to the capital looking for work every year, and the recent recession has often pushed people into applying for certain admin jobs they may otherwise be overqualified for. Candidates may need to be prepared to contact a number of recruitment agencies to find what they are looking for. You can expect to earn more for admin jobs in London than elsewhere, but the inflated cost of living in the capital reflects this. Personal assistants can usually command between 25-30k per annum. Temporary administration roles usually pay around £9 or £10 per hour. Entry level roles, for example as a post room assistant, can appear for around £7 per hour, but most will pay more than that in the capital. Often, some recruitment agencies will specialise in more highly-paid roles that demand more experience, while others work with temporary and entry-level posts. If you are an employer looking for an agency to handle your recruitment, it’s worth looking at a few to consider which ones might be best placed to find your ideal staff.

Where is the best place to apply for a job? You may find a job with a company or a field that you had never considered before. Think about what is happening today in the economic world we live in. Some job categories are temporarily on hold or may fade away altogether. New opportunities are springing up thanks to innovative entrepreneurs who are creating companies offering solutions to the changes going on now. Those solutions mean opportunities for employees willing to take on new challenges. Look at yourself as a work in progress. Assess your strengths, your employment history, and your interests. Read job descriptions carefully to find a place where you may uniquely fit in. What is the placement process? Thoughtful employers create job descriptions that explain the specific nature of the work that needs to be done and the skills and educational requirements needed. While that is a basic first step, actually every job is also defined by the qualities of the worker doing it.

However if you use an obscure job title which is not common in the marketplace, then are likely to get a lower response as your job requirement is less likely to feature in a job search result. Salary – Vacancies which pay comparatively more than the market benchmark will always get a better response than if they are lower paid. If the salary details are not featured in the advert then you will normally receive a lower response as jobseekers are put off from applying to something they don’t have complete details of. Location – This is another determinant which hugely impacts the level of response as different locations have different size of candidate capture i.e. city or small town. Also certain areas have higher unemployment, while different sectors and skills are more prevalent in certain areas. Advert Optimisation – Your advert is competing with other similar adverts and targeting the same talent pool, hence it is essential that your advert is optimised to ensure it is as high up the search ranking as possible, to get the most exposure and get the best response.

Because they’re paid with tax dollars, public school teachers are always under scrutiny. Few professionals are judged as closely as teachers are. Emphasis on test scores finds teachers held accountable if their students don’t improve each year — even if the students may be hampered by factors outside the classroom. Port Authority officials applaud their comrades at a ceremony honoring those who acted heroically during the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. Whether they work for local police, county sheriff’s departments, highway patrol or other agencies, law-enforcement officers have one of the most stressful jobs around. Whenever a call comes in, police officers must be ready to put their lives on the line. Even more stressful, they know that even a routine traffic stop or a seemingly ordinary incident can turn dangerous in seconds. Despite that knowledge, officers must practice restraint. They don’t want to be accused of having used unnecessary force, and they don’t want to cause the injury or death of another person.

If they aren’t able to provide it you obviously keep looking for another source of work. Larger agencies may have a higher volume of jobs but smaller organizations may have niche markets which are relevant to your particular background. Some staffing agencies have niches as providers of experienced temporary legal staffing – they may pay more but will only be interested in lawyers who have experience doing document review or other contract work. Some staffing agencies also provide placement services or engage in “direct hire” relationships where their customer hires on attorneys working for the customer through the agency. Particularly in recent years there is an increasing number of “alternative” or “virtual” law firms like Paragon Legal, Axiom Law or Rimon Law Group which operate more like law firms but have more flexible arrangements for their attorneys who may work from home or on-site at the client’s offices and may work less than a 40 hour workweek. Agencies place temporary workers based on the demands of their clients.