Pay reviews are not something that employers should fear or see as a threat to the neat budget that they have created. It is a fact that good staff deserved to be rewarded for their success and a pay review offers the chance to build success, enhance motivation and show you understand the value and worth of your team, so embrace it.

Set Employees a Task

When setting up a pay review meeting, it is perfectly acceptable to pass the ball back to your employee. Give notice of the proposed meeting and ask them to bring evidence with them as to why they feel a pay review is in order. It is essential that you set an arena of open and honest discussion, so they feel valued and empowered to speak freely about their remuneration

What is Your View?

Before the meeting spend time setting your own view in place. Consider the key issues, are they adding value to your business, have their productivity been high and are they actually saving you money with their skills and commitment. Review their whole working demeanour and consider how you notice them respond to new challenges and tasks that suddenly become really urgent. If you are not their line manager but will be chairing the review then ensure their line manager is involved in the whole process and present, you cannot resolve things if you keep having to refer back to someone who isn’t at the meeting.

Do They Show Commitment?

What happens when new responsibilities come along, do they seize the opportunity to have added weight or do they retreat and cower hoping someone else will take up the challenge. How do they respond to the need to commit a bit more time? Are they the sort of employee that cheerfully stays longer to get the work done or are they out the door as soon as the clock hits 5 pm? While this is a chance to reward and recognise the worth of employees they will still find the process daunting.

State the Review Process

It is vital that you state the process for your employees so they can understand what will happen and not be concerned. You do not have to make your decision on the day; it is perfectly acceptable to refer back to other staff members, and even have a follow-up interview once this has been done. As long as you make the process evident in advance so that employees know what to expect. Offer a timescale and ensure that any follow up is concluded during a realistic but not too long time period to give the staff confidence in your pay review process.

Bring in Professionals

While you might think that recruitment agencies are only there to help you find staff when you have a vacancy to fill, here at Outstaff we have a highly skilled team and are more than happy to assist with any aspect of the pay review process so why not give us a call today and see how we can help.

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