Some organisations don’t bother to have performance reviews, others have really failed to grasp the point and do them quite badly. A performance review is actually a vital part of staff management and development, and their importance should not be overlooked. So organise an annual review for all your staff and use this helpful guide to make sure it is a good one.

A Rounded Process

Many companies use the annual review as a chance to have a good moan. The staff sit there while their line manager assassinates their performance, picks holes in their work and generally makes them feel bad about themselves. This should actually be a positive arena where staff feel encouraged and able to acknowledge weaknesses knowing that help will be offered.

Not a Pay Review

A performance review should be about developing your employees and challenging them to gain new skills and working practices. Too many time this is wrapped in with a pay review, and this is counterproductive. It is imperative that the two events are months apart and not related. This is about continued development not about the pay scales.

Open and Transparent

Staff should be warned that there is a performance review coming and given a chance to prepare. If you cannot have a company-wide agreement that they always happen in say the first week of June then at least offer staff a month notice that you will be conducting them.

Delegate Correctly

Make sure the line manager is present if you do not have daily contact with the employee you cannot do this review. As this is not a budgetary impact process line managers should be able to contact the review with no need for higher management to be involved. Train budgets should have been allocated, and managers will know what they can spend or offer in terms of development.

Prepare Well

You really should be noticing the performance of your team, and in order to have good motivation, it is essential that you note things as they happen. If you cannot cite why you are impressed with their work then how can they feel genuinely valued? You have to notice the instances when they perform well and help them understand any gaps in knowledge and weaknesses.

Deal With Problems Well

Of course, it would be an ideal world where every employee was thriving, but the reality is that there will be underperformance and issues. The rule here is to try and understand and get to the bottom of what is happening. It might be laziness and not caring, but there might be something else going on. You need to be sure you can see the truth before leaping to conclusions.

Get Outside Help

If you are finding the whole performance review process a little daunting, then you can always get help. Outstaff has a large team of staff with expertise in all areas of staff management and would be delighted to assist with performance reviews in your organisation so why not get in touch and find out more.

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