A job vacancy is an open invitation for anyone who sees your advert to apply for the role. In this busy recruitment market, it helps to ensure that you define the role in such a way that candidates not meeting your specification do not submit an application. This is time wasting for both you and them, but if you have not taken the correct steps to prepare and advertise the post, then you are the at-fault party. Our staff are recruitment specialists and ideally placed to understand the process.

Prepare the Role

When we are working with our clients to ensure that we find them the best person for the job, we need to ensure that the role has been clearly defined and the skill set needed is spelt out. Usually, this means creating or updating a job description, and that will form the basis of the advert further down the line. A good job description makes it easy for prospective candidates to see if they have the required experience and qualifications and protects the company in the future with human resource issues.

Define the Criteria

So, we look to create a job title that fits the ethos of the company but also explains at a high-level what the role is about. Customer Service Assistant makes it clear that this is a front-facing position, Team Member says little about the role. Once an appropriate title has been agreed, the duties and role need to be defined. Listing the key responsibilities helps candidates envisage what a working week might look like and whether this suits them. The document should clearly state the terms of the contract – full or part-time, temporary or permanent, and then move onto selection criteria. This is where qualification and the need for previous experience can be clarified.

Advertising to Recruit

Once the documentation is complete, this can be used to create the advert itself. Depending on your role this might be an online advert using social media channels, it might go out in a professional publication or in various press pages. We would analyse your business to see what the best fit is, and where your perfect candidate is likely to be looking for their next challenge. The job description may be attached as a downloadable document, but in some cases, it won’t be seen immediately, so your advert needs to do the leg work.

Stand Out From the Crowd

When it comes to wording your advert, you want to stand out from the crowd. You need to ensure that the role is sold on two levels. To attract the right candidates, people need to understand what is needed from them, but more than this they also need to be attracted to the benefits of the role you are offering. Wording job adverts is something we have a lot of experience with so if you are looking to secure the perfect candidate for your vacancy, first time, then why not contact Outstaff today and let our experts assist you.

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